Privacy Laws and Legislation

Privacy legislation is to be taken seriously and affects the way we do business.

All private information Pirbright Professions obtains from any person, including our prospects, customers, partners, and employees must be accompanied by disclosure for the reason of collection, consent for its use, and a guarantee that the information will be safeguarded and only used for the purposes of original collection.

Pirbright Professions is committed to safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us by our clients.  We manage your personal information in accordance with Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and other applicable laws.  The policy outlines the principles and practices we follow in protecting your personal information.

Personal Information

Personal information means information about an identifiable individual.  This includes an individual's name, home address and phone number (if home office), financial information, etc. We collect only the personal information that we need for the purpose of providing services to our clients, including personal information needed to:

  • open and manage a client account
  • banking information for monthly installment options
  • provide insurance quotations
  • claims handling


Submission of an application for insurance through Pirbright Professions requires the completion of a signed Pirbright Professions application form or a supplementary consent form along with the insurer's application which provide us with your consent to collect information and provide to our third party insurers in order to provide you with a premium quotation.

Principles of Alberta Privacy Legislation

1.     Accountability:  An individual has been designated to be accountable for the organization’s compliance with privacy legislation.

2.     Identifying purposes:  The purpose for collecting private information needs to be clear.  Our consent form outlines the purpose for which we are collecting information as do our Pirbright application forms.

3.     Consent:  Knowledge and consent of individual is required for information collection as well as disclosure of personal information as outlined in our consent form and our Pirbright application forms.  This consent is required except where law provides an exemption.

4.     Limiting Collection:  Collection of information is limited to that which is necessary to carry out the purposes identified by the consent form for purposes of obtaining insurance coverage and payment arrangements. 

5.     Limited Use, Disclosure, and Retention: 

  • Personal information will only be used for the purpose originally communicated
  • Personal information will not be disclosed to others without consent or as required by law
  • Personal information is only retained for the period of time necessary for fulfillment of those purposes

6.     Accuracy:  We will keep information up to date and accurate.

7.     Safeguards:  We will keep the information under our control safe as required related to the nature of the sensitivity of the information.

8.     Openness: We will make available policies and practices relating to management of personal information that is under our control.

9.     Individual Access:  An individual has the right to ask to be informed of the existence, use, and disclosure of their personal information.  This means that any individual has the right to their files and ask what we have used the information for, and challenge the accuracy and completeness of this information. 

10.  Challenging Compliance:  An individual has the right to address concerning compliance with above principles to our Privacy Officer.

Handling Confidential Information

In the course of day-to-day business, we all come into contact with sensitive information, including items such as our business processes, pricing, customers, orders, contracts, and employee information. We all have a responsibility to use good judgment and safeguard sensitive client and company information. Our company policy is to consider all information we collect as confidential and not to be disclosed third parties unless as follow:

Information submitted in an application forms gives consent to Pirbright Professions to use the information we may hold about you or others related to your submission or policy for the purposes of providing insurance and handling claims, if any, and to process sensitive personal information about you or others related to your policy where this is necessary (for example: health information or criminal convictions).  This may mean Pirbright Professions Inc. has to provide some details to third parties involved in providing insurance cover.  These may include insurance carriers, third-party claims adjusters, fraud detection and prevention services, third party service providers, reinsurance companies, insurer tracing offices, insurance regulatory authorities, credit organizations, and financial institutions such as your mortgage company.  This may include service providers and insurers in the United Kingdom.

Where such personal information relates to anyone other than you, you must obtain the explicit consent of the person to whom the information relates both to the disclosure of such information to us and its use by Pirbright Professions Inc. as set out above.  The information provided will be treated in confidence and in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).  You or others related to your policy may have the right to apply for a copy of this information and to have any inaccuracies corrected.

For training and quality control purposes, telephone calls may be monitored or recorded.

Pirbright Guidelines:

  • Confidential company and client information will not be divulged to anyone other than authorized persons and will be used only for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Confidential information going through internal or external mail will be marked as such on the outside of the envelope.
  • Confidential information in hard copy form will be kept in a secure, locked location.
  • Sensitive documents being disposed of will be shredded.
  • Individuals are responsible for protecting the security of confidential information on the computer network.

Access to Records Containing Personal Information

Clients of Pirbright Professions have a right of access to their own personal information in a record that is in our custody or under our control, subject to some exceptions.  For example, organizations are required under the Personal Information Protection Act to refuse to provide access to information that would reveal personal information about another individual. Organizations are authorized under the Act to refuse access to personal information if disclosure would reveal confidential business information. Access may also be refused if the information is privileged or contained in mediation records.

If we refuse a request in whole or in part, we will provide the reasons for the refusal.  In some cases where exceptions to access apply, we may withhold that information and provide you with the remainder of the record.

You may make a request for access to your personal information by writing to Dafydd Griffith, President of Pirbright Professions.  You must provide sufficient information in your request to allow us to identify the information you are seeking.

You may also make a request about our use of your personal information and any disclosure of that information to persons outside our organization.

You may also request a correction or an error or omission in your personal information.

We will respond to your request within 45 calendar days, unless an extension is granted.  

Questions and Complaints

Should you have any questions or if you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you wish to gain access to your personal information, challenge or submit a complaint regarding the handling of personal information, please submit a request in writing to the following:

Dafydd Griffith
Pirbright Professions Inc.
Suite 600-1000 Centre St N
Calgary AB  T2E 7W6
Phone:  403-800-9112                    Toll Free: 1-888-674-1148
Email:            Fax:      1-888-674-7538

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, you may contact the information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta:

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta
Suite 2460, 801 - 6 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 3W2
Phone: 403-297-2728                     Toll Free: 1-888-878-4044
Email:         Website: